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Company Overview
Your Trusted Solution Provider

We are Africa’s leading manufacturer of HDPE, DWC, PPR, Telecom duct and accessories and uPVC piping systems, with a state of the art manufacturing facility in Ruiru, Kenya. We are the first company to manufacture 630mm diameter HDPE pipes in Kenya.

We want to improve lives b y providing long term & sustainable solutions that reduce non-revenue water through innovation and education.

Through our partnership with leading suppliers we offer the following products:

  • Mech valves (Denmark) – Pressure management, isolation, and air valves.
  • DIEHL metering (Germany) – Mechanical Ultrasonic, Electromagnetic water meters with automated meter reading solution
  • Hurner(Germany) – Quality Welding machines (both butt welding and electrofusion)
  • Unidelta (Italy)-Compression fittings, seamless butt fusion fittings and electrofusion fittings

  • Our Vision

    We are building for Future Generations.

  • Our Mission

    Improving Quality of life in Africa by By providing trusted and sustainable water, sanitation and telecom solutions for infrastructure, domestic, and agricultural use.

  • Our Core Values

    1. Trust & Integrity

    2. Quality

    3. Continuous Learning

    4. Innovation

    5. Ownership & Accountability

    6. Teamwork

Our Impact

60,000 KM pipework since inception

1.5 people can now access water meters and pipe connections

22,000 people can now access sanitation with DWC pipes

400 Direct income dependants and 5,000 indirect dependants

Internet Connectivity

400,000 people are now connected with internet in the 3 years of being in the telecom industry

4 years since the implementation of solar system

20%of all energy consumed at Danco generated from solar.1,000,000kgs of harmful  Co2 emissions to the environment reduced by our solar system over the period

Mark of Quality

All Danco products are KEBS certified and comply with international standards. Danco along with our European product partners have been flag bearers for quality standards in each of our respective fields.

Danco's mark of quality is printed on all Danco Manufactured producta Ensuring that clients have the best product with 100% guarantee.
  • DANCO+ Aquaflex or Aquaflo
  • Date of Manufacture & Meter Markers
  • Technical Specifications(Inclusive of outer diameter, pressure rating & material)
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