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Why we do what we do

At Danco we believe that everything we do has a direct impact on the water resources in our region. Our vision is to have clean water delivered to everyone without wastage, lowering maintenance costs of our water infrastructure and educating people on improved solutions on water management.  

 We do this by manufacturing to the highest quality, using certified raw materials and meeting international standards applicable. In a world where it is easy to cut corners, we believe that quality products and innovative solutions will deliver efficient working systems for future generations to come. 

We operate under 6 Danco Business Principles, founded on the simple premises of ethical business and fair policy. These Include:


Innovation is core to everything we do. We aim to innovate through listening to our customers, solving real problems and providing long lasting solutions. We adopt this internally through the state of the art machinery we have invested in; the manufacturing processes we adopt and the training we deliver.


Quality is easy to promise but difficult to deliver. At Danco our policy is to manufacture our pipes with certified 100% virgin raw material, to the correct wall thickness. The partners we choose have quality products that are world renowned made to the highest standard. Quality is never compromised. We are providing our customers with worry-free solutions.


We believe sharing knowledge with our customers through continuous training, technical workshops and giving on going information is key to Danco’s Vision .


Without compromising on quality, Danco maintains the best pricing structure for all our clients. We believe in delivering value and ensuring that every solution is the most economic measured over its lifetime.


We listen to our customers and provide the most effective solution to let them achieve their goals. This is from better joining techniques; pipe design; more economic use of fittings and pressure management techniques. All to give a more efficient and effective system.


Any piping system is only as good as the joining method and techniques used. We offer design services, training, and after sales service on all our products. This is to ensure that the solution we provide is fully integrated and no problem unresolved.

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