• DANCO’s Aquaflo PPR pipes are manufactured using only 100% virgin PPR material.
  • We use NO filling agents, calcium carbonate or any other substitutes.
  • All pipes are made to the correct wall thickness for the appropriate pressure rating, with all markings and printing to International ISO standard.
  • USE DANCO AQUAFLO PPR pipes for Hot and cold water distribution in your house, hotel, offices, and apartments for a piping system to last 50 years.
  • With no additives or substitutes we assure you that the pipe is built to last and with no compromise.
  • For little or no extra cost on your pipe DANCO Aquaflo offers you an internal piping system with no stress, allowing you to rest easier with no surprise leaks or future repairs.
  • Danco Aquaflo is available from 20mm to 110mm.
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