We have partnered with Hurner machines, Germany to provide highly effective, reliable butt fusion and electro fusion machines.

All machines are designed to last, using high quality materials, serviceable and enable quick welding times with full control.

At Danco we promote the use of the semi-automatic machines which has a number of features that allow for quality welding:

  • Pre-set welding parameters – controlling time, temperatures, pressure
  • 10,000 weld Data capture – for reports on each weld to allow for full review
  • Manual intervention allowed if required
  • 12 month manufacturer’s warranty

Danco offers full training on each machine and have an in house team to help with servicing and on-going maintenance of the machine. We stock spares for the consumable parts of the machine to help with any unforeseen issues on operation.

Table for size and availability

Semi-automatic Butt Fusion

Dual Butt fusion


Butt Fusion

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