With an increasing population; urbanisation and deteriorating sanitation piping systems, the focus to improve our current sanitation systems is more important than ever in Kenya, East, and Central Africa. Double Walled Corrugated (DWC) piping system is set to revolutionise and provide a superior alternative to current solutions such as Concrete and / or uPVC.   
  1. Technically superior
    1. Higher corrosion and abrasion resistance
    2. Improved hydraulics
    3. Ability to deflect load, and transfer this to the surrounding soil, resulting in higher loading capability as a system than alternatives.
  2. Longer lifetime
    1. Built to last for over 50 years
    2. Resilient and durable system, with high chemical resistance and impact
  3. Economically superior
    1. Better value than the alternative
    2. Easier to transport
    3. Easier to install – lighter, stronger and no need for specialist equipment
Saniflex – the DWC system offered by DANCO, Kenya has already shown the system operating and improving lives in Kenya and other neighboring countries.  Quality driven and with an eye on innovation, they have offered this solution to a number of projects with resounding success.  Completed in 2021, Tilisi Development PLC is a perfect example.  This is a 400-acreage, master-planned suburb that has been inspired by the vision of achieving a managed development in Kenya with world-class infrastructure, offering great accessibility, secure surroundings, and modern amenities.     The developer was therefore looking to ensure water supply to each parcel through Tilisi’s own water and sanitation system with high standard sewage treatment plants. The initial plan was to use concrete on sewers and this was abandoned in phase 2 of the project in January 2020 and Tilisi adopted the Danco Saniflex DWC Pipe due to it’s distinct features. Concrete required heavy machinery to install hence more costs on labour and transport, the short lengths of concrete meant more joints, and hence exposed to leakages, concrete is also easily corroded by the chemicals in the waste material. Concrete piping – easily cracked or broken with a short lifespan 

It was a success story for Tilisi with the adoption of the DWC pipe systems which ensured reduced installation time, reduced labour, and transportation costs. Tilisi was also able to save over 22% on piping costs as compared to the initial plan they had opted to use.

Today we have such projects currently running both in the country and in the East African region.  

Currently ongoing, Kiambu County project. Athi Water (the Developer) contracted China Henan, the contractor to make some upgrades to their existing infrastructure in one of the oldest metropolitan communities in Kenya. With difficult terrain, rivers, and several road crossings they chose DWC pipes due to its ease of installation, longer lifetime and overall cost effectiveness than enabled the Developer to increase the scope of works by over 15%.    

Danco Saniflex DWC pipe comes in sizes ranging from DN 100 to DN 600 in diameter with load ratings of SN4 and SN8. Saniflex is the standard bearer in the African market for DWC.  All pipes undergo rigorous testing following the international standard ISO 21138. 

For further technical information and more detailed information on the advantages of DWC please visit the Danco website www.dancoplastics.com or contact the team on info@dancocapital.co.ke  

We can be assured that the future of sanitation, drainage has already moved to DWC and welcome all stakeholders to move with Danco to improve lives for the next generation. 

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