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We are Africa’s leading manufacturer of HDPE duct used in the telecommunication sector. We partner with a number of international like minded firms to bring end to end long lasting solution that improve lives through innovation and education.


RHINODE 600 AND 1000
Our manholes are manufactured from sheet moulded compound (SMC) which is a ready to mould glass-fibre reinforced polyester material used in compression moulding. 

Our manholes and handholes have a 15-year warranty.


  • SMC is 4X stronger than DMC
  • SMC is the highest quality GRP material used in moulding – Cost Implication
  • SMC strength secure the structure in order to do compacting
  • Non metallic – No scrap value
  • Fire Resistant
  • UV Stabilised
  • Immune to Acidic Soil
  • The security of examination scripts is improved
    through controlled access and real-time consignment
    drive-route tracking, enhancing the integrity of the examination cycles


  • Weight: 95KG
  • Dimensions: 1,000mm height x 650mm width
  • Reverse tread spindle and key
  • Electronic lock (optional)
  • Load rating: EN – 124 B125 (125kN)
                           SANS 558 HD (135k
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