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From the work floor to the field

Danco has invested in state of the art machinery from Europe to help deliver its vision and providing long lasting solutions of the highest quality. Every machine is equipped with ONLINE SCANNERS to ensure that the given minimum wall thickness is never compromised. This allows us to give all our customers the guarantee that every product delivered is to full international standards.

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  • Danco Team Competency

    Our team is comprised of a highly trained production division, customer service division and administrative division – all aligned to ensure our customers’ needs are exceeded. Our quality control team oversee our systems to ensure that we adhere to the high standards we have set.

  • Production Capacity

    Our built up area of over 150,000 square feet is comprised of Danco’s administrative division, manufacturing divisions, customer service division and our quality control division.

  • Danco Filed Team Service

    Fully trained team capable of handling butt welding, electrofusion joining and installation, troubleshooting on-site. Danco Supervisory Service to audit and train contractors on jointing service. Danco Butt Welding equipment, operators, and crew available for leasing.

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